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How to access Webmail
Step 1.
Type you website adddress followed by /webmail into the address bar at the top of an Internet Explorer page.
See image below.
Step 2.
A pop box will appear asking for you username and password.
Your username is your email address.
Then enter your password.
See image below.
Step 3.
Now you are logged into the mail server.
With the new server you have a number of options.
1. To read your email simply choose from Horde, Squirrel Mail or Red Cube. Please note anything sent from this service will not show on your local computer. If you delete an email before it has been downloaded to your local mail client we will not be able to recover it. The best course of action while using webmail is to view only.
2. You can change your password if you wish. Please note if you change your password here you also need to change it on your local mail client as well.
3. You can also set up an auto Responder on your mail account. Once an email is received by the mail server the server will automatically send out a response to the sender. You are able to set the message that gets sent.
4. You can trace an email. (best leave that to the server administrator).
5. We have a program called Spam Assasin running on all mail boxes. It try to stop most junk mail but some will still get through. In this area you can set the server to reject an email's that contain certain words Example (Viagra) and they will get deleted before they reach your mail box. Be careful using this as something you want to get though may fail if this is not set up correctly.
See image below.
Step 4.
Below is an example of what Squirrel Mail look like.
See image below.