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Nvidia Graphics Cards

Some people like a cases with lights and fans and clear side other are happy with a standard case.

AMD Processors

AMD is our preferred supplier of processor. They offer a 3 year warranty on their product and they have proven itself to be reliable.


All of our motherboards come with HD sound and on-board graphics
All systems come with DVD/RW/DL drives
We use Weston Digital Hard Drives only. They are value for money complete with reliability
Keyboard & Mouse
We offer wired and wireless keyboards and mice. It's down to you. We advise the wired systems as they are far more reliable and more cost effective
17 inch LCD screen are our more popular choice. We can offer a full range depending on your needs for the PC system
Every system has a 30 day trial of AVG internet securities software installed for delivery. They are the best and they offer the best value and protection from hackers
We offer Microsoft Windows operating systems
All systems are built to your needs
Example System:-
Operating System Windows Windows 7 32 bit & 64 bit
Processor AMD Dual/Quad Core Processor
System Drive DVD/RW/DL
Memory 2/4/6/8/16GB RAM
Hard Disk Drive 500 GB HDD S.A.T.A
  Solid State Drives (optional)
Screen 17' LCD Flat Screen
Input Devices Keyboard & Mouse (wireless optional
Sound Logitech 2.1 speaker system
Pre-installed Anti-Virus 30 days Trail version AVG 2014
Data Transfer from old systems and free delivery & Home installation
From £400
We also offer refurbished computers & Laptops